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Welcome to Golden Phae

In the depths of the Himalayas, where they connect with the forests of Siberia, a certain golden color berry grows in the wild. For centuries this berry has been used in promoting youthfulness, improving health and preserving beauty. Large amounts of gold have been paid for the secret of extracting the oil from this berry. Since then Hippophae Rhamnoides or oblepiha as it was more commonly known has been named The Golden Phae.

The Golden Phae Company offers you 100% natural product, free of chemicals and preservatives. Only the good stuff goes in.

What really makes Golden Phae products one of a kind is the way we treat our ingredients. We use an old-fashioned method of extracting the essence of the plants. Most companies extract by dissolving the plant matter in propylene glycol or other similar solvent. Not only are these solvents dangerous to your health, but they disintegrate the plant matter and neutralize any benefit the plants ever had to offer. By using organic oils as the carrier for the plant material we avoid using any harsh chemicals. The formulas stay true to our calling to provide products that contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives of any kind.

Golden Phae formulas are completely different from your usual skincare brands that claim to be organic and/or natural. Have you ever looked on the ingredient lists and wondered why formulas containing nothing but water and a few additional ingredients do not provide the moisture your skin needs and cost so much?

And if the formula is 100 percent organic, how does it not go bad without refrigeration or preservatives?

Golden Phae products are decidedly different from the mainstream organic products in the way they are formulated. Our products are truly 100 % free of any chemicals or preservatives. Every single ingredient is natural and not over-processed. We produce hand-crafted small batches of product using ingredients that retain their qualities since they are not overheated, over-treated or used in such small amounts that they make no difference on your skin whatsoever.

Try our exclusive formulas and see the difference for yourself. Your skin will thank you!

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