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If you have ever tried to read the ingredient label on a moisturizer and wondered about all the ingredients you could not pronounce or understand, you are not alone. Even experienced skin care professionals are often confused about what words "natural" and "organic" really mean.  There are plenty of brands out there advertising their products as 100% natural, totally organic and pure, yet these products are nothing more than chemical coctails with some plants and oils thrown in for good measure. 

Watch our video on 5 super easy ways of determining if the moisturizer you are considering purchasing is worth your hard earned money. 

Please be ready to be surprised and even shocked. Some of this information cannot be found anywhere else. The good thing about science is it doesn't care what we think - it simply is. Laws of nature stay true regardless of our opinion of them.



What The Beauty Industry Does Not Want You To Know About



We all want to stay looking young as long as possible. It is the truth that in today’s society outside beauty is valued much more than inner essence. Although we hope that one day society will appreciate kindness and wisdom more than beauty, today we still live in the world that judges us by our looks.

So we continue the search of that one true miracle that will stop and even turn back time, sometimes not caring what it will do to our heath in the long run, content that it gives us our looks for today.  But what if we were to find out the secret behind all the anti-aging potions sold today by the millions? Do they really work, and if so, how?

Have you noticed that every spring and fall each product line adds several “new and improved” versions of their creams and moisturizers, promising ever better, stronger, more advanced results?  You find yourself wondering:  how come last season’s version was not as good? Is there a new amazing ingredient we did not know about before?

In reality, everything is much simpler. All conventional anti-aging products work according to one simple formula: irritate and seal. What does this mean, exactly?

If you look at the ingredient panels of various creams, you will find that among many various chemicals they usually all contain two things: fruit acids and silicones. Fruit acids are just mildly irritating chemical compounds – they have absolutely nothing to do with real fruit. When placed on the skin, they irritate it, causing slight inflammation. The skin swells and the wrinkles become less visible.


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