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Golden Phae is decidedly different from many other brands out there. It is 100% pure, free of fillers, chemicals and preservatives, yet highly effective. We use only unprocessed, unrefined natural and organic material, which ensures the potency of our formulas. All the ingredients come from highly reputable suppliers that we trust. A lot of research goes into selecting our suppliers, consistently opting for quality over price. We hold our suppliers to the same high standards we hold ourselves. You can rest assured that you are getting the purest, healthiest product for your skin.

We use various groups of volunteers to test each and single product. Many of them have various allergies and sensitivities, including Rosacea, dermatitis and eczema. We never test on animals, although our products are just as safe for your pet as they are for you and your loved ones

Yes, all Golden Phae products are gluten-free.

Unlike other skincare lines that concentrate on stripping away the outer layer of skin to “reveal younger looking deeper skin layers” using retinols, microdermabrasion, peels, acids and so forth, Golden Phae takes an entirely different approach. Golden Phae products feed the skin, providing lipids to support the collagen structures deep in the derma. The lipids are attached to monosaccharaides, tiny little mono-sugars that skin cells recognize as food and consume. This ensures that as skin cells “feed” on the monosaccharaides, they also absorb enough lipids to surround and support the collagen structures. The longer you use the product, the better your skin will become. Lines become less and less visible as your skin absorbs more and more lipids. You will see a decrease in feather lines around your lips and the fine lines around the eye area will lessen dramatically. The results are lasting, and you will also notice that with time your skin needs less product.

Preservatives are only needed in a formula that combines water and/or glycerin with oils and plant material. That includes about 99.9% of all skincare products on the market today. Although people think that water is included into the formula for moisture, it is not true. Water, unless encapsulated, as in Cupuacu Butter, is simply a filler because it makes the formula cheaper. All it does is evaporate off the surface of your skin as you apply the product. When you eliminate water in skin care products, you eliminate not only oxidation of valuable active ingredients, but also the inevitable mold growth. By only using encapsulated water, as in Cupuacu Butter, we are able to deliver moisture to your skin while eliminating the need for preservatives.

There is no need to refrigerate the product, although you are welcome to do so if that’s what you are used to. The shelf life of all products at room temperature is about 2 years.

Instead of chemically processing the plants and then using various extracts, already oxidized by the chemicals, we use plants that naturally contain anti-aging ingredients in them. This way, they are still potent and are able to help your skin. We use Cupuacu Butter as a natural substitute for synthetic hyaluronic acid, for example, and Rosae Oil is the best source of living vitamin C. Because our formulas contain no water and no glycerin, they contain almost no free oxygen—therefore there is no oxidation of active ingredients going on inside the jar. Every time you open the product and use it on your skin, the product is just as fresh as the day it was made and just as potent.

Whether synthesized from vegetable matter or conventionally, glycerin is an alcohol. Its correct name is actually glycerol, and the ending of –ol is typical for all alcohols. As all alcohols, glycerin is a degreaser, meaning that it reacts with lipids and removes them from your skin. Because it has 3 (OH) groups compared to regular rubbing alcohol which only has 1 (OH) group, it is three times as aggressive as regular alcohol. It removes three times as many lipids from your skin, aging your skin that much faster. For this reason we use no alcohols in our formulas—no glycerin or propylene glycol.

Since all Golden Phae products are oil based, they offer SPF protection of 4-8 by default. Oil molecules have a tendency to repel each other and evenly coat the surface they are on. This ensures your skin will get uniform protection when the sun rays hit the micro drops of oil covering your skin. Additionally, the Sunny Skin Protective Lotion offers an SPF level of 15 due to the Zinc Oxide added to the formula. However, the best and surest way to always stay out of harm’s way is to invest into a stylish hat and cover up to minimize sun exposure. No SPF will ever protect your skin as well as limiting sun exposure will. FDA warns about this every year.

Not at all. Your skin produces its own lipid layer that protects it from harsh environmental factors. It is the removal of the lipid layer with harsh chemicals and stripping it of its protective layer that eventually allows breakouts to occur. If you have occasional breakouts, use tea tree oil to treat them. Overnight application directly on the breakouts is usually sufficient to take care of the problem. Tea Tree Oil can be purchased in most health food stores.

Absolutely. We noticed that extremely dry skin, or skin that has been subjected to conventional serums, moisturizers and/or peels is slow to absorb a natural moisturizer at first. This happens because skin, in its effort to preserve the moisture it still has from being removed by chemicals that are present in most conventional and even “natural” products, brings its cells together very closely and tightens up. As soon as your skin realizes that this new product is not going to remove moisture, but in fact, will feed it, it will relax and start absorbing the product with ever increasing speed, until it refills its lipid layer. At that point, you will see how much your skin needs. Absorption will be fast and you can apply your makeup right onto the moisturizer. For different people it can take from 2 weeks to about a month, depending on the condition of the skin. Until then, if you feel that you used too much product, just tap off the excess gently with a tissue.

Although all our products are completely safe for use during pregnancy, Anti-Inflammatory Body Ointment is the best product for protecting your skin from stretch marks.  The base of the Anti-Inflammatory Body Ointment is the same as that of the children’s products, so it is a perfect combination for mommy and baby. 

White color of conventional products is not achieved by “purifying” them, as a lot of people think. It is simply the result of water/glycerin suspension mixed with manufactured chemicals. The really natural products all have color that comes from the various colors of the ingredients that they are made with: chamomile is yellow; Grapeseed oil is green and so forth. Nothing in nature is of pure white color and there is no way to “purify” natural ingredients into being white. Next time you see a white moisturizer, you will know there is no way it can possibly be natural.

Once applied to your skin, the products have no color at all. They will not stain or discolor your skin.

We understand that sometimes you might be unsure about how your skin will react to a new regimen. You can order a sample by contacting us via the website and asking for a sample. Samples are free but we will ask for your to pay for shipping costs (usually less that $5). We also offer travel sizes of all our products and they are very reasonably priced. When you order full size products, we usually include free samples as a thank you.

We have tested all the products on numerous people allergic to various ingredients. Many of our current clients report that even though they are allergic to honey, shea butter, nuts, fish products, various plants and waxes, 99.9% of them are using the products safely, without any adverse reaction. If you are unsure how your skin will respond to the product, be sure to do an allergy test. Place a small amount of product onto your wrist and wait 10 minutes. If no adverse reaction occurs, it is safe to use.

If you have a question not covered in this section, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you!

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