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golden phae founders

Dear Friend,
We have always been all about plants and naturals. There is something truly magical about the plants, leaves and berries--growing them, harvesting them at the right time, drying them and, of course, using them to alleviate various ailments. Numerous books are written on remedies and nothing can be more fun than studying the illustrations about various parts of the plants and how they interact with each other and with the human body. It is not just science but also an art.

Both of us have had a real life opportunity to experience the power of naturals in our own lives. Although Lana's career as a chemist spans several decades she only uses naturals on herself and her family. During her first few years in the chemical industry Lana and another co-worker had a tragic accident. They were splashed with sulfuric acid, disfiguring almost 30% of their skin surface. Lana almost lost her eyes. Having seen what happens when acid burn victims are treated with regular burn medications she was brave enough to commit to a different path. Lana decided to use nothing but natural oils and plant extracts made using traditional Siberian methods. She chose Sea Buckthorn Oil (HippoPhae) as the base for her home made remedies as she found it to be the most potent restorative substance for human skin.

Lana was able to compare stage by stage results with her colleague who was undergoing traditional treatment at the hospital. By using the ointment of Sea Buckthorn Oil and other natural ingredients Lana was able to save not only all of her skin but her eyes and eye lids. In comparison, her co-worker struggled with recovery and could not restore most of her skin. She developed scar tissue instead, which in some areas grew all the way to her bones. This was the first of many instances where Lana was presented with evidence of just how strong and potent natural remedies could be when properly formulated.

Olga suffered from high blood pressure since age 15. It runs on both sides of her family. After doing extensive research into blood pressure medications and their side effects she decided to turn to naturals. She made a study of traditional herbals and tried various alternative treatments, and finally was able to successfully maintain normalized blood pressure levels.

Olga spent the majority of her career in the beauty industry, managing several beauty mega stores in the last 10 years. She realized that the industry was lacking in natural brands because many brands that claimed to be natural or organic continued to use various chemicals and preservatives. A large number of clients had various conditions that would not allow them to use chemicals on their skin--cancers, dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, etc. Olga realized these clients were largely ignored by the industry and decided to do something about it.

The founders teamed up and set forth a lofty goal: create a line of skincare products that were highly potent, soothing and anti-aging, free of chemicals and preservatives, yet able to have a reasonable shelf life so clients would get the freshest, most active formulas for their skin.

After extensive experimentation the results exceeded all expectations. Golden Phae is proud to present the best anti-aging soothing skincare line based on Sea Buckthorn Oil, the purest formulas you can put on your skin--free of any fillers, alcohols, chemicals, preservatives, silicones and other harmful ingredients.

The products have been rigorously tested on people with various skin types and allergies and have received an overwhelming positive response.

Thank you for putting your trust in Golden Phae! We wish you and your skin all the health and beauty in the world!

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