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Nourishing Styling Hair Cream 1.8oz

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We all know that great healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp!

If you love multitasking or simply don’t have time to use a hair mask as often as you would like to, this Hair Cream will quickly become your hair’s best friend! This versatile product combines many functions: not only is it an effective styling product, but it can also double as a treatment and a leave-in conditioner! It will treat and condition your hair the whole time you are wearing it!

This Nourishing Styling Hair Cream is very different from both conventional and natural products you find on store shelves today. Most of them contain both chemicals and silicones. Many of these chemicals have been linked to detrimental effects on human health.  Silicones are one of the reasons for “unexplained” hair loss so many of us experience. Essentially, silicones are plastics and, when applied to hair and scalp in shampoos, conditioners and styling products, they cover our pores like a thin sheet of plastic.  When this happens, the heat generated by both our brain activity and skin functions is trapped and cannot escape.  Silicones let through water molecules, like sweat, but not air molecules.  This process leads to our skin getting rid of hair to use the openings as a way to regulate temperature and cool down the scalp. To fight hair loss, we first have to switch to products (shampoos, conditioners and styling) that contain no silicones (any ingredient that ends with –cone or –xane) and no detergents (any ingredient with Sulfate in its name).

Instead of all the chemicals, Golden Phae offers a powerful blend of natural oils that synergistically work with the special Herbal Complex. This luxurious Nourishing Styling Hair Cream not only helps you achieve the volume you desire, but feeds the skin of your scalp so it can support healthy hair! Microcapsules of Kokum Butter nourish both the scalp and the hair shaft, healing and smoothing the hair cuticles. It adds smoothness and shine to the hair strands.

Energizing Herbal Complex of Burdock Root, Hops Flower, Stinging Nettle Leaf, Ginger and Ginkgo stimulates blood flow to the scalp and helps slow down hair loss as well as encourage new hair growth.

DIRECTIONS: This Hair Cream can be used both on wet and dry hair.  Try it both ways to find what works best for you.  Most of our clients with long hair prefer to apply it to dry hair, while clients with shorter hair prefer application to towel dry hair, but depending on your preference, the product will work either way.  Use a very small amount of product, no more than a dime size for short hair or a nickel size for long hair. Warm the product between fingertips, melting the Kokum Butter hydrating beads, then apply to scalp in lifting motions to create volume.  Utilize the remainder of the product on your fingertips by running them loosely through your hair and concentrating on the ends, especially if you have split ends.

This product can be used as a leave-in conditioner. Use slightly more product, distribute between your fingertips and run them through your hair, concentrating on ends. Then, use a comb to distribute the product evenly through hair strands. Let your hair be the guide for the amount of product you will need – thin hair does not need as much as thick or coarse hair.  Start with less and add if needed.

All Golden Phae products are completely free of chemicals and preservatives. We use;

NO chemicals

NO preservatives

NO fillers

NO alcohols

NO silicones

NO sulfates

NO fragrance (dangerous preservatives are usually hidden here)

NO parabens or their analogs

NO acids (including Ascorbic Acid, which is usually passed for vitamin C)

NO synthetic vitamins

NO Gluten

NO Animal Testing of any kind, EVER!

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Organic Kokum Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Burdock Seed Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Raw Honey, Herbal Complex (Organic Burdock Root, Organic Chamomile Flower, Nettle Leaf, Organic Hops Flower, Organic Lavender Flower, Organic Rosemary Leaf, Organic Mate Bark, Organic Lemon Myrtle Leaf, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Ginkgo Biloba Leaf)

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This hair cream is very good for my thin hair. I love it so much!

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